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Hebrew Alphabet 
Learning this at some point is an essential part of learning Judaism. A few notes: read right to left. any letter that has two versions, just learn the first one (the one on the right); the second one is the final version, which means that is the version of the letter if it is at the end of the word. finally, the noise a tzadei makes is not really a tz so much as ts - like in pizza.

Shalom Aleichem (with English translation)
Shalom Aleichem (peace unto you) is my favorite Shabbat song. 

Get the Hebrew calendar and local shababt times here.

Jewish Treats is one of my favorite websites for Jewish Learning. Following them on twitter is the best way to get quick updates. They blog on all kinds of Jewish topics and the entries are about 3 paragraphs, so it's not overwhelming.

Haaretz is one of the best places to go for Israel news.

Tired of being lost and confused at Jewish prayer services? Siddur Audio is based on a Conservative Prayer book but it is helpful for Reform services, too. You're going to want to find a transliteration of the prayers online unless you've already mastered Hebrew. I'd recommend starting with the Sh'ma, Vashamru, Hatzi Kaddish, then Aleinu, then make your own choices from there. I recommend those four because they're the most fun, not because I'm listing them in order of importance.

If you're interested in a liberal/progressive take on religion, HuffPost is the place for you. They report on a wide array of religious topics on all major religions represented in the United States.

Test Yourself
Test your Jewish knowledge with this quiz on the Israeli government's conversion page. 

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